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About the Company

Industry Experience and Unbeatable Customer Service..., Inc. of Newburyport, MA offers clients a compelling alternative for instantly viewing locus details across the nation's traffic intersections. StreetDelivery is the attractive choice for companies seeking the knowledge of an industry leader, balanced by the delivery of exceptional customer service and guarantees.

Since 2000, our staff has provided a wide range of locus, general liability, property loss, risk assessment, and vehicle impact services. We work closely with our clients ensuring they realize the value of our products and services. On every customer service request, we position industry experienced professionals that understand the insurance claims process and deliver the level of service our customers have come to expect from us

StreetDelivery is the Internet Master Directory of street intersections, driveways, and addresses. This rich set of data provides our clients with seamless access to quickly and virtually explore locus details empowering them with instant information. Information that reduces claim cycle times, increases productivity, expedites the decision process, and ultimately lessens the amount paid out in indemnity.

Act with Confidence

"Our clients realize the value of instant information. They also realize there is no need to have someone gather information when it is available instantly at a fraction of the cost. StreetDelivery databases are updated and maintained daily. We handle tens of thousands of transactions monthly, and are very proud of the fact we have never had a complaint."

Andrew Logan, CEO and Founder, Inc.

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Customer Service:

Our next business day turnaround success ratio is above 90%. For StreetDelivery claims, this service is included in the subscription price. GeneralDelivery is a fee based service. Please complete the form above for more details.