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Q: We don't conduct many location investigations, so why would we need StreetDelivery?

A: Every one of our current subscribers initially asked this question. One of our first customers told us they did not see a need for the service because they did not do many locus investigations. They agreed to do a three-week free trial and found they accessed our database 849 times. The reason this client had not done many locus investigations was because of the adjusting expense and the time it required. Every company has had the same experience.

Q: How can I justify the additional cost of the StreetDelivery service?

A: Our service is not an additional cost. It is actually a savings. Every StreetDelivery client has reported to us that our service reduces adjusting costs and positively affects indemnity. In this challenging market all insurance companies are searching for ways to reduce their loss ratio without sacrificing service. StreetDelivery does that by eliminating most of the hard and soft costs of locus investigations. Soft costs are those caused by claim files being open for an extended period. The longer a claim stays open the more satisfaction the customer demands. This satisfaction is usually measured by an increase paid in indemnity dollars. Simply stated, a reduced claim cycle equals a reduction in indemnity. Another soft cost is customer satisfaction. Faster claims resolution means a happier insured, claimant and adjuster. Hard cost such as adjuster salaries, vehicles, benefits and outside vendors are easily quantified and often completely eliminated when StreetDelivery is used.

Q: What if the locus is not an intersection?

A: The StreetDelivery database consists of millions of locus photographs of parking lots and other sites where accidents occur. Just as with an intersection, if the specific locus is not in the database, a simple click on the Customer Service button and our trained customer service staff will photo the requested area. The specific locus will be uploaded the next busines day and your examiner notified by email. This service is provided at no additional cost to our clients regardless of the type of location.

Q: Who are our clients?

A: StreetDelivery has over 300 insurance companies and thousands of law firms as clients. We have never had a company decline to subscribe to our service after conducting a proper free trial. Our customer list includes 9 of the top 10 largest automobile carriers in the United States and the tenth is currently in a free trial period.

Q: What if I need locus photographs that are not on the website?

A: Simply click the Customer Service button and the specific locus will be taken and uploaded to the site the next business day. We notify the client by e-mail that the locus investigation is available for viewing. There is no additional cost for this service to our clients. It should be stated that in most cases the needed locus photographs are already in our system and ready to be instantly accessed.

Q: What if the pictures do not show what we need to make the proper decision?

A: If the photographs on the site do not show everything the client needs to make a decision, they can hit the Customer Service button and we will provide additional photographs that include the information needed. Examples of this data are: skid marks, street widths, temporary obstructions, etc. This service is included with your subscription.

Q: How do you maintain the database?

A: StreetDelivery is constantly updating the database to include any changes in street construction, right of ways, or any other information that is pertinent to the adjusting process. Our clients have accessed our site hundreds of thousands of times and the integrity of our database is highly regarded in the industry. Not only do we maintain access to all the public information required to monitor changes to intersections, but we also have resident photographers in each area who constantly update changes. If the client has a question about the locus photographs they can hit the Customer Service button and confirm the photos on our site are a factual representation of the locus.

Q: How does StreetDelivery increase client retention and customer satisfaction?

A: There is a direct relationship between the speed with which a claim is settled and customer satisfaction. Instant information allows for faster liability decisions by examiners thus shortening the claims cycle. This allows quicker payment to insured and claimant, where payment is due. In cases where the insured is clearly not at fault, deductibles may be waived. Faster service, happier customer, equals client retention.

Q: What technology do companies need to use StreetDelivery and is it compatible with our software?

A: StreetDelivery is totally Internet based. Thus, no software is needed other than a web browser*. There is no compatibility issue and no loading of software. Additionally, the small file sizes ensure there are no bandwidth issues. Our information is stored at a secure Network Operations Center on a triple backbone. This ensures that we do business 24/7.
* The StreetDelivery diagramming tool requires Adobe Flash Player

Q: How much does StreetDelivery cost?

A: StreetDelivery is priced on a per claim basis with volume discounts. Every insurance company needs a value proposition/rate of return that supports subscribing to StreetDelivery. In order to make that calculation, StreetDelivery allows prospective users to participate in a free trial of our service. When StreetDelivery has been brought in and used as a free trial, our cost is clearly offset by reduced adjusting expense and indemnity.

Q: How does StreetDelivery bill/contract with its clients?

StreetDelivery will bill clients monthly or longer depending upon their request, in either a paper or electronic format. If clients desire we can contract for set rates for extended periods or we can simply invoice for each period of service.

Q: How does StreetDelivery help employee morale and retention?

A: Clients LOVE StreetDelivery, for all the reasons cited above, plus the ability to instantly verify (or contradict) the 'facts' of the claim. The more information the client has to help settle claims the easier their job becomes.

Q: What are some of the other features of StreetDelivery?

A: The ability to print or email the photos for the claim file with the client's typed notes
-Our diagramming tool can be used to create a diagram of an accident including file notes details. The diagram, photos, and notes can be printed or emailed and included in a paper or electronic claim file.
-Guaranteed quality photographs taken by trained professionals who know what a locus investigation requiresUnmatched Customer Service

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