Property Delivery
PropertyDelivery Overview

We provide you with everything you need for a fraction of
the cost - including the estimate!

Our PROPERTYDELIVERY services include:

Faster information equals closed files: When damage is done you need to see it for yourself. Service your customers' needs while limiting indemnity, verifying appraisals and adjusting from your desk.

From Mother Nature to vandals- when property losses occur we will be there to deliver the photos, measurements, and estimates you need, all by the end of the next business day.

Close claims faster and increase customer satisfaction with PropertyDelivery

  • Wind damage
  • Snow and ice damage
  • Vandalism
  • Flood damage
  • Water damage
  • And much, much more...



When a third party's property is involved in your claim you want to see the scene as quickly as possible. With STREETDELIVERY'S 3rd Party Property Damage service, take a look for yourself the next business day.

Through our PROPERTYDELIVERY Service, we can measure and photograph third party property damage claims. We can also write you a damage estimate in Xactimate on claims up to $20,000 RC.



Do you need to release a holdback? Not sure if all repairs have been made?
Let us Re-Inspect the location and verify all repairs have been completed. Within 1 business day you can have visual confirmation in your file allowing you to release the holdback.


Do you have an estimate from an Independent that doesn’t seem accurate? Not sure if you need to replace 20 squares, or repaint an entire floor plan? Our Customer Service Reps provide a full photo inspection with scope of the location allowing you to verify measurements, damages, and estimates are accurate.



No matter your Commercial Claim Need, STREETDELIVERY can provide you with the timely information necessary to make your determinations before things change. Whether Product Liability and the damages that result, or Premise Liability claim in question, our Field Reps can get to the loss location and obtain photos, measurements, diagrams, and video within 1 business day. This allows you to see the loss, including all products involved, before any spoliation occurs.


Know the facts and act with confidence with our GENERALDELIVERY & PROPERTYDELIVERY services!


Seeing is believing-

Risk assessment can be a blind operation. Far too many insurance companies underwrite properties without having the necessary information to evaluate their risk and exposure beforehand.

With our next business day risk assessment photo service, you won't need to underwrite a property without seeing it first.

In this day and age, people's perception of their insurance obligation vs. the reality of their insurance obligation is not always equivalent, nor do they always disclose all of the important risk factors. And, the cost of discovery is prohibitive to the bottom line for insurers. That is until now! With our property risk assessment service, insurance companies can gain peace of mind knowing their valuations are accurate and reliable before insuring a property.


  • Verify risk of applicants with low credit scores
  • See pools, trampolines, and ATV's
  • Runners and pens for dogs and animals
  • General conditions - siding, windows, foundations, roofs, driveways, and grounds.
  • Code issues - stairs, fences, sheds, walls, decks and anything that you need to view


Whatever you need, we're at your service...

Through Customer Service, we offer a multitude of services that require "feet on the street."

Whatever the task assignment, we can do it, including any or all of the following:

  • Photographs
  • Canvassing
  • Police Reports
  • Courier Service
  • Measurements
  • General Conditions
  • Scarring Photos
  • Vehicle Impact Pictures and Verification
  • Cold Calls

Any road work you need, we can do better, faster, and cheaper. Simply submit a customer service request and we'll be on it right away.

Sample Photos and Video

Property Delivery
Property Delivery
Property Delivery
Property Delivery

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Our next business day turnaround success ratio is above 90%. For StreetDelivery claims, this service is included in the subscription price. GeneralDelivery is a fee based service. Please complete the form above for more details.