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Timely information leads to better loss control

General Liability accounts for a major portion of the incurred loss in the insurance industry.

With GeneralDelivery, the answer to who is really at fault is at your fingertips. Our General Liability photo service, delivered the next business day, helps you determine liability with confidence before conditions may change.

Litigate when you have to, mediate with confidence and determine the truth for yourself. GeneralDelivery service provides you with an immediate advantage to make sound economic decisions about general liability claims. Our service will show you what you need to see the next business day.

GeneralDelivery is an intregal part of your internal underwriting process and is easy to use. There is nothing to install, all you need is Internet access and a browser. Simply log in, request what you need and get it the next business day.

Sample Photos and Video

General Delivery
General Delivery
General Delivery
General Delivery
Don't settle for more than you have to-

An accident occurs every 5 seconds on America's by-ways. It is a $150 Billion dollar industry that is greatly impacted by the amount of time it takes insurers to close claims.

Getting photos of the damaged vehicle the next business day using our Vehicle Impact photo service reduces storage charges and car rental fees, controls claimants, and increases customer satisfaction - all of which adds up to cost savings and better customer retention.

On all Vehicle Impact requests we dispatch one of our Field Reps to make contact with your insured, claimant, or repair shop to set up an inspection for the next business day. We can also go out covertly if preferred. If the vehicle is not at the stated location, we will continue to make attempts at the location, at varying times of day, all for a 1 time inspection charge. Whether we obtain photos on the 1 st try, or the 6 th , you only get charged once.

Whether writing an estimate, or determining liability, don't let time get in the way of your decision. Act fast, and act with confidence with StreetDelivery's next business day Vehicle Impact for Liability Photo Service.

  • Verify VIN and registration
  • See photos of entire vehicle, and damages before repair
  • 360 degree HD Video of vehicle

When a loss occurs you need to see the location involved and any potential hazards/conditions before things change. Our trained Field Staff will contact your insured, the claimant, or an attorney involved and set an appointment to obtain photographs, measurements, and HD video of the loss location and/oir any party involved. If the contact person is available we can conduct our inspection and have our report back to you within 1 business day.

Act confidently after seeing the location for yourself. Save on indemnity by closing your files faster. Faster claims handling leads to customer retention, and less paid out when liability is accepted.

Courier Service - Document Delivery/Pick Up (Police Reports, Request To Contact, Non-Waiver, ROR, etc) - Having the appropriate documentation is vital when determining claim liability. Our Field Reps can arrange to meet with the persons involved in your claim to obtain signatures, deliver an ROR, leave a Request to Contact notice on the door for file verification, etc.

Surveillance - Being able to see your actual loss take place is key. Don't let the video be recorded over before you have had the chance to see it. Our Field Reps can obtain a copy of the video and send to your office (when available). When obtaining a hard copy of the surveillance is not available we can obtain an HD video of the video allowing you to see what transpired (our Field Reps can use their company provided cameras to video the monitor showing the incident).

Police Reports - When you cannot wait weeks, or even months for other services to obtain a Police Report, our Police/Incident Report Retrieval Department can track down your report and obtain it as soon as it becomes available. We immediately contact the specific police station to check on the status and will continue to call daily until it is complete and ready for pick up. We dispatch our Field Rep in the area to physically go to the station, retrieve your report, scan it, and email it to you.

Cold Calls - When you cant get in touch with an insured/claimant, but need verification documented of your attempts our Field Reps can go to the known location and deliver your document, or leave it on the door. We always take a photo to verify it has been left at the known address.

Whatever you need, we're at your service...

We are the Service & Data provider for P&C claims handlers. Through CUSTOMER SERVICE, we offer a multitude of services that require "feet on the street."

Whatever the task assignment, we can do it, including (but not limited to) any or all of the following:

  • Photographs
  • HD Video
  • Diagrams
  • Canvassing
  • Police Reports
  • Courier Service
  • Measurements
  • General Conditions
  • Scarring Photos
  • Vehicle Impact Pictures and Verification
  • Cold Calls
  • & More

Any field task you need, we can do better, faster, and cheaper. Simply submit a CUSTOMER SERVICE request and you'll be brought to your loss by end of the next business day.

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Our next business day turnaround success ratio is above 90%. For StreetDelivery claims, this service is included in the subscription price. GeneralDelivery is a fee based service. Please complete the form above for more details.